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Patrick H Jones, 1987

Patrick H. Jones makes paintings based on personal memories, often drawing on the trauma of loss. Ambiguous subjects take form through spectral figures which emerge and recede into shadowy areas of thickly applied paint, suggesting shifting notions of self, individuality and community. Animals become analogies for human emotion: a flock of cawing birds evokes mass hysteria, while the disembodied heads of horses speak to universal and primal anxieties. In other works, awkwardly bent bodies and twisted limbs suggest feelings of claustrophobia.

Jones lives and works in London. Jones has had recent exhibitions at The Sunday Painter London (2020) : Galerie pcp Paris  (2020) Turps Banana, London (2019); The Gallery Soho, London (2018); Plaza Plaza, London, UK (2018); Flowers Gallery, London (2018); South London Gallery, London (2018).



Patrick H Jones – Timothy Taylor