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Honor Titus
Honor Titus, 1989

Honor Titus is an American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. 
Painted in a range of dark, luminous jewel tones, his paintings often depict faceless figures in minimal urban landscapes, reflecting the sense of isolation and loneliness that results from a condition of anonymity in the urban environment. Suffused with a sense of romance, Titus’s paintings are embedded with nostalgic references to a simpler time: a boy in baseball gear, a 1950s car painted cherry-red, a man with a bouquet of flowers in an old suit and fedora. 
Titus’s simplified compositions and bold, flat patches of colour are inspired by Les Nabis, which included French painters such as Maurice Denis and Felix Vallotton. In their bold immediacy and emphasis on flat, decorative patterns, Titus’s surfaces echo the style of graphic hyperrealism practiced by artists inspired by American advertising, such as Alex Katz. 
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Sunset on Utica, 2021, Oil on canvas
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Trophy Position, 2021, Oil on canvas
Self-Portrait, 2021, Oil on canvas
3 of Hearts, 2021, Oil on canvas



Honor Titus – Timothy Taylor