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Philip Guston
Philip Guston, 1913 — 1980
Born in 1913 in Canada of Ukrainian-Jewish parentage, Guston and his family moved to America while he was still a child. The persecution of his parents in their homeland, the Ku Klux Klan activities they witnessed in California and his father’s suicide were all absorbed into his developing artistic practice, emerging as powerful motifs in his late, signature canvases.

In 1927, Guston enrolled at the Los Angeles Manual Arts High School and later the Otis Arts Institute, at the same time producing public murals which demonstrated both his love of Mexican muralism, and his strong political and social conscience. In 1936, he moved to New York where he developed his interest in philosophy, poetry and the work of the Renaissance painters. He also held teaching posts at, among others, the New York University and the Pratt Institute.
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