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Olu Ogunnaike, 1986

Olu Ogunnaike’s experimental art practice lies between sculpture, printmaking, performance and installation. Fascinated with the rituals and events that inform our sense of individual and collective awareness, Ogunnaike focuses on essential materials, particularly the use of wood, which is central to his practice. These materials substitute for notions of human identity, community and exchange. Trees and nature reappear in his work as symbolic onlookers, watching over the communities that surround them, while the changing materiality of wood in different states points to evolving narratives and the passage of social history.

Ogunnaike has been the subject of a recent solo exhibition a Cell Project Space, London (2020); Recent group exhibitions include Memory Game at Villa Lontana, Rome (2020); The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London(2020); ELC TV Dinner Episode III, Tate Modern, London (2019); Ogunnaike lives and works in London.



Olu Ogunnaike – Timothy Taylor