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Mike Silva, 1970

Mike Silva depicts portraits, still lives and domestic interiors intimately linked to his own memories. Working from an archive of personal photographs, Silva captures the traces of his own life and the lives of other former inhabitants through personal items - a discarded pair of headphones or a pile of dirty dishes - in haunting yet cathartic portraits. He works in a photorealist style with a hazy quality, often focusing his gaze upon friends and lovers captured in poses of exposed masculinity, underscoring moments of tenderness and vulnerability between artist and sitter.

Silva graduated from Royal College of Art, London (1994) and Middlesex University (1992). Silva has been featured in recent solo exhibitions at The Approach, London (2019); and David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen (2017). Group exhibitions include Anton Kern Gallery, New York (2021); Zwanzig at Galerie Barbara Thumm (2018); and The Man with Night Sweats, Kingsgate Workshops (2017), among others.



Mike Silva – Timothy Taylor