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Lily Stockman
Lily Stockman, 1982

Lily Stockman is an American artist born in 1982 in Providence, Rhode Island. She graduated from Harvard University in 2006, and received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from New York University in 2013. She has apprenticed in Buddhist thangka painting at the Union of Mongolian Artists, Ulaanbaatar, and Indian miniature painting in Jaipur, India. Known for their compelling color harmonies and repeating symmetries, Stockman’s oil on linen paintings reference the landscapes of 20th century American abstraction, from Milton Avery’s New England coastline to Agnes Martin’s desert southwest and Billy Al Bengston’s stuccoed Los Angeles. Stockman uses architectural and botanical forms as footnotes from the real world, while pushing the boundaries of color relationships to open up her abstract paintings into the spiritual realm. Her work has been exhibited at Charles Moffett, New York; Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco; Cheim and Read, New York; Regen Projects, Los Angeles and Gavlak, Los Angeles. She lives and works in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, California.


Porringer, 2020, Oil on linen
Black Hollyhock, 2020, Oil on linen


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