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Philip Guston
Philip Guston, 10 June11 July 2015, London

Timothy Taylor is pleased to announce its fourth Philip Guston exhibition, which gathers together some of the artist’s finest paintings and drawings from the distinguished body of work made between 1969 and 1980, many of which have not been previously exhibited in Europe.

Guston’s influence, in particular his late paintings, continues to “cast a long shadow over the current landscape of contemporary art,” as Peter Benson Miller acknowledges in his recent publication. Because Guston was one of the few American painters to ‘defect’ to Europe – both by undertaking numerous residencies, as well as departing from the quintessential Postwar ‘American style’ – his significance is especially pertinent within a contemporary European context. Guston not only effected key artists from a generation of (predominantly German) expressionist painters in the 1990s, but continues to have far reaching influence today, including younger artists in the gallery’s own stable, such as Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Volker Hüller and Eddie Martinez. Furthermore, it is timely to re-consider the provocative nature of Guston’s comic-influenced figuration.

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Traveler III, 1959, Oil on canvas
Untitled, 1960, Ink on paper
Untitled, 1964, Ink on paper
Untitled, 1967, Ink on paper
Shoes, 1968, Oil on panel
Untitled (Book), 1968, Acrylic on panel
Untitled, 1968, Charcoal on paper
Untitled, 1968, Acrylic on panel
Untitled, 1968, Charcoal on paper
Untitled, 1968, Charcoal on paper
Untitled (Red Eyes), 1968, Acrylic on board
Drive, 1969, Oil on panel
Untitled, 1969, Acrylic on panel
Untitled, 1970, Oil on panel
Condition, 1971, Oil on canvas
”Ostia” Roma, 1971, Oil on paper on panel
The Hill, 1971, Oil on canvas
Untitled (book, ball and shoe), 1971, Oil on paper on canvas
Two Heads and Wall, 1972, Oil on board
Untitled, 1974, Ink on paper
Head and Bottle, 1975, Oil on canvas
The Richard Nixon Story, 1975, Ink on paper
Frame, 1976, Oil on canvas
Story, 1978, Oil on canvas
Summer, 1979, Acrylic on board
Philip Guston – Timothy Taylor