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Philip Guston: The Last Lithographs
Philip Guston: The Last Lithographs, 14 September3 November 2018, New York
Opening reception: Thursday 13 September, 6–8pm

Timothy Taylor, New York is proud to present the complete collection of Philip Guston lithographs; 25 works created by the artist and published by Gemini G.E.L. in 1980, the year of his death.

The lithographs represent the apotheosis of Guston’s visual language and read as a lexicon of the emblems that characterize his distinct iconography. Prior to the collaboration with Gemini, Guston had made very few prints in his life, generally preferring to draw. Yet in his last years, at ease with his established vocabulary, he decided to revisit the medium, perhaps recognizing a desire and the opportunity for wide dissemination. Guston had suffered a heart attack the previous year, which brought an increasing feeling of fragility and concern with mortality. In light of this existential moment, “the rapidity of the lithographic process enabled him to produce an abundance of new images without the physical effort needed to paint large-scale canvases”.


Philip Guston: The Last Lithographs – Timothy Taylor