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Honor Titus Releases First Limited-Edition Print

Honor Titus Releases First Limited-Edition Print


17 May 2023


Honor Titus

This online-only presentation debuts Honor Titus’ first limited-edition print using imagery that is characteristic of the artist’s vivid figurative paintings, paying homage to lost literary heroes and the nostalgic leisure of lawns, sports, and dance in flat panes of colour.

Co-published by Farrington Press and Timothy Taylor, developed with the artist and produced in the remote high desert near Joshua Tree, California, this edition coincides with the release of the artist’s first publication Honor Titus.

On Tuesday 16 May, the new works will be on view at the New York gallery during the catalogue release event and available to purchase exclusively online beginning Wednesday 17 May at 11am EDT. Each edition is priced at $3,500 each or $6,500 for the pair.

About the Prints

In mid-December 2022, Honor Titus visited Farrington Press near Joshua Tree in California to conceive his first-ever print, in collaboration with the printers. Inspired by prints from Les Nabis and Mary Cassatt, during his time at Farrington Titus adopted some of the same processes used by those artists: soft-ground etching (in which the printers melt the soft ground using an old wood burning stove), aquatint, and dry point. 

To evoke the feeling of a late 19th-century print, master printer Kyle Simon sought out Zerkall paper, a popular paper used in Paris during that time period and used by Cassatt in some of her print editions. Difficult to obtain, he was able to source stock from the Netherlands just for this project.

After acquainting himself with the medium and developed a better understanding of the process, Titus was able to conceive his first-ever prints. The artist created Chapel Thrill and Black Rimbaud surrounded by the wilderness with the Farrington Press team, discussing art, listening to the Cure, and reminiscing about their previous lives in New York.

Farrington Press was founded by master printer Kyle Simon. It is located in the remote high desert near Joshua Tree, CA. The press operates off-grid and relies on solar power.

Honor Titus Releases First Limited-Edition Print – Timothy Taylor