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Soulages | Hantaï | Eielson | Tàpies
Soulages | Hantaï | Eielson | Tàpies, 24 November18 December 2020, New York

Timothy Taylor is pleased to announce Soulages | Hantaï | Eielson | Tàpies, on view between 24 November – 18 December in New York. Contemporaries born within a five-year range – Pierre Soulages in Aveyron in 1919, Simon Hantaï near Budapest in 1922, Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona in 1923 and Jorge Eielson in Lima in 1924 – all four artists lived in post-war Paris of the 1940s and came to prominence in the late 1950s. Despite the influence of the various artistic groups that informed their early practices, such as Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, each artist eluded attempts to categorize their work within a singular movement.

United by the crisis in easel painting that consumed the post-war European avant-garde, each artist broke new ground within the realm of painting by creating and serializing a new form of abstraction. This exhibition looks to the intersections between their practices, examining how each artist developed enduring ideas about abstraction on his terms through experimental and material means. These works exemplify the emphasis on materiality that has decisively marked much of post-war European art, specifically through the use of non-traditional materials and painting methods, the importance of mark making and the focus on texture and surface. In revising and remaking their theories of what constituted a painting, these artists sought to invent new syntax for a universal language of art.

Soulages | Hantaï | Eielson | Tàpies – Timothy Taylor