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Simon Hantaï
Simon Hantaï, 22 January5 March 2016, London

When Simon Hantaï unlocked his now renowned pliage method in 1960, the Hungarian-born, Paris-based artist achieved such overwhelming success in France that it would eventually force him to completely withdraw from the art world. Often referred to as ‘a silence’ – or, as Alfred Pacquement more accurately described, a ‘critical silence’ – Hantaï’s exit was less a retirement than a period of reflection and intellectual consolidation. From 1982 onwards he made no new paintings, and would seldom exhibit, despite consistent invitations from dedicated curators.

In 2013, following the artist’s death in 2008, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, mounted a major retrospective that introduced Hantaï’s significant artistic contribution to a new and responsive audience. Timothy Taylor brought the artist’s work to London audiences through a group exhibition at the end of that year, and has since followed this in greater depth through the presentation of fifteen paintings across two exhibitions; the first of these took place at Frieze Masters in October, 2015, and now this larger exhibition takes place at Timothy Taylor’s Mayfair gallery.

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Catamurons, 1963, Oil on canvas
Sans titre, 1972, Acrylic on canvas
Tabula, 1980, Acrylic on canvas
Meun, 1968, Oil on canvas
Tabula (Violet), 1975, Acrylic on canvas
Tabula (Terre Rose), 1975, Acrylic on canvas
Tabula, 1981, Acrylic on canvas
Tabula, 1980, Acrylic on canvas
Tabula, 1980, Acrylic on Linen adhered to canvas
Tabula (rouge/noir), 1981, Acrylic on canvas
Mariale, 1960, Oil on canvas
Simon Hantaï – Timothy Taylor