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Reconfigured, 29 April12 June 2021, New York
Curated by Rose Easton

Timothy Taylor is pleased to present Reconfigured, an exhibition featuring ten artists living and working in the United Kingdom, whose work explores perspectives on the body and figure. Together, their works reveal how a new generation of artists in the UK is challenging visual traditions and cultural assumptions surrounding the depiction of the body. The exhibition will be held in a temporary space located at 518 West 19th Street, NY, directly across the street from Timothy Taylor New York.

Working in painting, sculpture, photography, print, film, and animation, the artists approach the term “body” from many directions—as individual bodies and the body collective, as human presence and selfhood, but also as fragmented, abject, or absent bodies. Some of the artists in Reconfigured depict animal forms in fragments, as in the work of Jala Wahid, or the human body as a whole, in the portraiture of George Rouy. Others imply human presence through external objects or spaces—as in Mike Silva’s depictions of domestic interiors or Onyeka Igwe’s film of vacant British colonial buildings in Lagos, Nigeria. Still others, in the case of Patrick H. Jones or Matt Copson, transmute human emotion into animal bodies, exploring anthropomorphic metaphors as a method of universal storytelling and self-expression. These new tendencies reflect new attitudes towards gender, selfhood and identity in the UK, as well as rapidly changing social and political realities and a dissolution in boundaries between abstraction and figuration.


Reconfigured – Timothy Taylor