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Project Room: Eemyun Kang
Project Room: Eemyun Kang, 8 September4 October 2014, London

Timothy Taylor Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Eemyun Kang for the gallery’s Project Room. It is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.

Ably translating organic forms into lush abstraction, Kang creates complex natural worlds marked by energetic and fluid brushstrokes. While she avoids the use of defined figurative elements to create her narratives, Kang’s seductive colour-fields are often punctuated by quasi-anthropomorphised forms. The paintings presented here evolve from the artist’s attempts to visualise music, and in particular, human voices. The titles reference language and speech and are often derived from poetry – in this instance from Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red and Jane Gregory’s My Enemies.

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Project Room: Eemyun Kang – Timothy Taylor