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Josephine Meckseper: Scene VI
Josephine Meckseper: Scene VI, 24 January9 March 2019, New York
Timothy Taylor, New York is pleased to present an installation of a set from Josephine Meckseper’s film PELLEA[S].

PELLEA[S] adapts Maurice Maeterlinck’s otherworldly play Pelléas et Mélisande (1892) for today’s sociopolitical landscape, weaving together fictional scenarios and dramatic footage captured by the artist at the 2017 presidential inauguration and the landmark women’s march that followed. Conflating contemporary political realities with a doomed love triangle, the city of Washington, D.C. and its architecture become a context and site of departure, giving voice to debates around notions of gender found in the original play. Meckseper expresses through cinema the dramatic narratives and relationships contained within the universe of her signature glass and mirror vitrines, with parts of the film set in D.C. and others in interiors designed by the artist. PELLEA[S] was screened at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2018.
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Josephine Meckseper: Scene VI – Timothy Taylor