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Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Champions
Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Champions, 13 October6 November 2010, London
Timothy Taylor Gallery is proud to announce the first exhibition outside the US by Portland based artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins, who earlier this year won great critical attention for her contribution to the 2010 Whitney Biennial, and two simultaneous New York gallery exhibitions. Hutchins’ mixed media sculptures, ceramics, prints and works on paper are a curious combination of physical gusto tempered by great fragility. Her works act as containers for a wide range of themes – popular and personal, sad and humorous, but always grounded in the messy business of human relationships. As John Motley comments in Art in America, ‘This is art that embroils itself in the unwieldy psychology of life and family with a high degree of emotional candor and intellectual sophistication’.
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Adam with Rose Petals, 2010, Paperpulp, spray paint, rose petals and fabric
S.M., 2010, Chicken wire, plaster and textile
Head, 2010, Papermache
Punctuation Cup, 2010, Paper pulp, found object and spraypaint
Wedding Present, 2010, Armchairs, paint and glazed ceramic
Origin, 2010, Paper pulp and ink
Lotties Mudpie, 2010, Paper Pulp, collage and photo
TBD, 2010, Chair, glazed ceramic, fabric
Champions, 2010, Ceramic
Pretty Thighs, 2010, Paper pulp, collage and jeans
Lips on My Organ, 2010, Papermache, collage, shirt and paint on monoprint
The Margins, 2010, Paper pulp, newsprint, collage and ink
Untitled, 2010, Oil/water based ink, celluclay, textile, papermache and spraypaint
Fumble, 2010, Ceramic
Sunday in the Laundry, 2010, Paper Pulp, ink, sweater and string
NFL Sheets, 2010, Chair, ceramic, sheet and spray paint
Five, 2010, Fabric, paint and ink on monoprint
Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Champions – Timothy Taylor