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Jean-Marc Bustamante: Nouvelles Scènes
Jean-Marc Bustamante: Nouvelles Scènes, 20 November 200217 January 2003, London
Timothy Taylor Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Jean-Marc Bustamante, the most influential and respected artist working in France today.

Representing France in this year’s Venice Biennale, Bustamante created the ‘Pavillon des Amazones’ and signalled a new direction in his work by introducing portraiture for the first time. Bustamante’s work since the early 1980s consists of non-specific landscapes and non-figurative drawings. Human presence, though intimated, has always been discreet, and usually notable for its absence. In contrast, the Pavilion of the Amazons showed sharply detailed portraits of young women caught in the landscape, and Lumière images of awkward teenagers at a party, silkscreened onto plexiglass.
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Jean-Marc Bustamante: Nouvelles Scènes – Timothy Taylor