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Eddie Martinez: Island I
Eddie Martinez: Island I, 13 October8 November 2014, London

Timothy Taylor Gallery is very pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Eddie Martinez. Coinciding with London’s annual Frieze Week, this will be the artist’s first exhibition at the gallery.

Martinez has gained international recognition for his extraordinary use of line and manipulation of colour, which he applies aggressively and in vividly contrasting combinations to his paintings and sculptures. His style draws from a deep understanding of painting’s histories, filtered through personal experience, popular culture and sport. Described as “indomitable” by Interview Magazine, Martinez has recently attracted attention for his “exceptional gifts as a painter and draftsman, which he exuberantly combines.” (Roberta Smith, New York Times)

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Strong Island Stretch, 2014, Oil, enamel, spray paint, acrylic, collaged rucola wrapper, R+F wrapper, baby wipe, paper towels on canvas
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, 2014, Oil, enamel, acrylic, spray paint, collaged Trident wrapper, Ricola wrapper, computer print out, paper, baby wipe and drawing on canvas
Eddie Martinez: Island I – Timothy Taylor