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Chris Martin: After the Rain
Chris Martin: After the Rain, 17 March29 April 2022, London

Timothy Taylor is delighted to present a selection of new paintings by Chris Martin (b. 1954, Washington, D.C.). This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in London.

Animated by a spirit of radical experimentation, Martin’s paintings pulsate with light and colour. From glittering paintings in an eclectic array of materials to outdoor installations at extreme scale, the clash of textures, intensity of colour and intuitive layering of abstract images in his work have historically served to refract the dizzying highs and lows of modern life: teeth-rattlingly chaotic but also mesmerisingly profound, disorienting and disquieting in its beauty. Martin serves as a crucial source of inspiration and mentorship to his artistic peers in Brooklyn, New York, where he has lived and worked since the 1980s. Shaped by thematic cycles rather than linear progression, his practice melds references to art history, spirituality, astrology, and music, intuitively keying into the quirks, obsessions, and fascinations of our time.


Chris Martin: After the Rain – Timothy Taylor