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Bridget Riley: New Paintings and Gouaches
Bridget Riley: New Paintings and Gouaches, 7 June28 July 2006, London
Timothy Taylor Gallery and Karsten Schubert are delighted to announce an exhibition of new paintings and gouaches by internationally acclaimed painter Bridget Riley. This exhibition will be the first time Riley has exhibited in the UK since her retrospective at Tate Britain in 2003. Since that time Riley has been working on large canvases celebrating the ‘pleasures of sight’ (Riley). In the vibrancy of their colours these works may reflect the brilliant light of the South of France where she spends three months each year. However, nature is not the starting point for the artist as is often a common misconception. From the black and white work of the early 60’s, through her coloured stripe paintings known as ‘The Egyptian Series’, to the undulating colour paintings of the present day, Riley has been concerned with the development of a visual language that echoes, by way of abstraction, sensations which cannot be done justice to, she believes, in figurative painting today.
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Bridget Riley: New Paintings and Gouaches – Timothy Taylor