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Art Basel Miami 2022
Art Basel Miami 2022, 29 November3 December 2022, Miami Beach
Timothy Taylor is pleased to present a blend of primary and secondary-market works for Art Basel Miami Beach 2022. Bright, polychrome colour dominates the works at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, which range over four decades, from the late 1970s to works made earlier this year. The presentation of works focuses on painterly colour, tracing the influence and potency of 20th century masters in the work of younger contemporary artists working today.

Timothy Taylor’s Art Basel Miami Beach presentation showcases artists Daniel Crews-Chubb, Jorge Eielson, Armen Eloyan, Sam Francis, Adolph Gottlieb, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Alex Katz, Jonathan Lasker, Glenn Ligon, Sahara Longe, Chris Martin, Eddie Martinez, Josephine Meckseper, Gabriel De La Mora, Annie Morris, Richard Patterson, Hayal Pozanti, Jiab Prachakul, Sean Scully, Kiki Smith and Eduardo Terrazas. Virtuosic abstractions by Sean Scully riff on the wavering horizon of the Venice canals at sunset, a vivid and trembling brushstroke which is also seen in Eddie Martinez’s rich, emotionally moving paintings of multi- coloured butterflies opening their wings.

Abstract 20th century masterpieces by Sam Francis and Adolph Gottlieb feature floating orbs and cell-like forms in a sea of colour, echoed in Annie Morris’s distinctive ‘Stack’ sculptures, created to imitate the effect of raw pigment. Alex Katz turns his analytical eye to cool, large-scale portraits of women in which every feature is sharply detailed. His sharp eye for fashion and flat panels of rich, creamy colour are reflected in paintings by Sahara Longe, an early-career artist who blends Renaissance and Quattrocentro inspirations into a compelling reflection of modern society.
Art Basel Miami 2022 – Timothy Taylor