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ANNIE MORRIS, 13 September26 October 2019, New York

Opening Reception: Thursday 12 September, 6–8pm

Timothy Taylor, New York is pleased to present the gallery’s first solo exhibition of new works by British artist Annie Morris. Drawing on both personal experience and the history of art, Morris’s multi-disciplinary practice encompasses sculpture, tapestry, and drawing.

The exhibition features Morris’s Stack sculptures—bulbous forms balanced precariously on top of one another, often reaching heights of up to three metres. The precarious composition of each sculpture defies their overall towering height, referring to Morris’s own experiences of pregnancy and miscarriage—they become totems to persistence in the face of adversity. The forms are sculpted in plaster and sand, and then painted with hand-sourced pigments such as Ultramarine, Viridian and Ochre. Contrastingly, Morris also explores this composition in bronze, burning pigment into the surface to create a reflective quality in contrast with the densely-coated, lumpen quality of the pigment Stacks.

The exhibition also includes new colour tapestry works by Morris into which Formalist compositional concerns are translated as grids. The loose, hanging tapestries use thread as a drawing implement to combine personal ciphers and abstract mark-making. Fabrics are collaged together and machine-stitched with thread that represents Morris’s unique lexicon. Her intuitive sense of line is at once both authoritative and imaginative - seamlessly shifting between abstraction and representation.

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ANNIE MORRIS – Timothy Taylor