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Andy Warhol: Portraits and Landscapes
Andy Warhol: Portraits and Landscapes, 17 January29 February 2008, London
Timothy Taylor Gallery is delighted to present Andy Warhol: Portraits and Landscapes, an exhibition selected and installed by independent curator, Steven Bluttal, of over 200 unique 10” x 8” black and white photographs, almost all of which have not been seen before. Shot during the last ten years of his life, between 1976 and 1987, they give a remarkable insight into Warhol’s photographic practice and his preoccupation with documenting everyday life. Taken as he moved around Manhattan, and other cities including London, literally snapping everything that came his way, they portray a collection of commonplace objects including dog-food, toilets, chairs, sidewalks, garbage, storefronts, shirts, teacups, mannequins, drunks, pigeons, sausages, toys, place settings and aeroplanes. The exhibition coincides with the 21st anniversary of his death, in what would have been his 80th year.
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Andy Warhol: Portraits and Landscapes – Timothy Taylor