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Alex Katz: Cutouts
Alex Katz: Cutouts, 1 October 20211 April 2022, London

Timothy Taylor is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent cutout sculptures by American artist Alex Katz (b. 1927, Brooklyn, NY), located at the Smithson Plaza in St. James, London, as part of the ongoing public arts program curated by Encounter.

Internationally acclaimed for his enigmatic portraits of contemporary society and crisp, confident articulation of colour, Katz has often been compared to members of the Pop generation such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Yet his paintings revolve around a more classical design: the confrontation between visible reality and its reduction to a symbol. His cutouts, a body of work the artist has explored for over half a century, represent the fullest expression of Katz’s strategy. Figures become schematic, simplified forms, freezing moments experienced in present tense into an oblique and near-abstract timelessness.

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Departure 3 (Ada), 2017, Porcelain enamel on shaped steel (same on both sides) adhered to an aluminum core and mounts to either an acid-washed cast concrete base or to stainless steel anchors for attaching to concrete pier to be used in ground for outside
Ada, (wind-vane), 2016, Porcelain Enamel on steel with power-coated steel base
Vivien and Vincent (Outline), 2019, Mirror polished stainless steel with anodized black edge on bronze base with patina
Alex Katz: Cutouts – Timothy Taylor