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Christy Matson
Christy Matson, 1979

Christy Matson (b. 1979, Seattle, Washington)  is an American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for her striking, large-scale abstract textile designs in soft, earthy colours, Matson uses a Jacquard loom to hand-weave her work, which allows her to create richly coloured, curving patterns of unlimited size and complexity. Each design is initially conceived as a sketch or watercolour before being woven on the Jacquard loom, and Matson frequently incorporates a rare type of Japanese paper thread into her designs, which she hand-paints before weaving directly into the canvas. Her abstract compositions are remarkably painterly and depict organic or geometric forms reminiscent of gestural brushstrokes, ranging from aqueous and brightly coloured shapes evocative of Helen Frankenthaler’s luminescent canvases to precise, tactile designs suggestive of Paul Klee’s pointillist works of the 1930s. Her work is influenced by the California landscape, and describes some of her work as a metaphor for its space. In blurring the lines between painting and weaving, Matson challenges existing hierarchies between decorative and fine art.

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Paragon, 2017, Paper, cotton, linen, wool, lopi and alpaca


Christy Matson – Timothy Taylor